Mercer Home Inspections

Greg Mercer is a Trusted & Certified Home Inspector with over 35 years of Experience in the Building Industry!



No Travel Fee 

No Extra Charge for Building Age

No Extra Charge for Pest & Dry Rot w/Full House Inspection

No Extra Charge for Mold & Mildew w/Full House Inspection

$25.00 Discount for Vets



OCHI License # 1493 CCB License 212233

NAMRI Certified, Mold Inspector (CRMI)

Professional Home Inspection Institute (PHII) Educated & Certified

Basic & Advance Course, Pest & Dry Rot, Mold & Mildew Courses

National Level Certified as Home Inspector, 

NASHI Membership - Code of Ethics, Bonded & Insured


Residential Builder & Contractor, Commercial Contractor with over 35 years of experience,

Trusted Business Owner/Operator  with over 35 years of experience,

Designing, remodeling homes, Mold & Mildew Specialist,  Pest & Dry Rot Specialist,

 Knowledge of solving problem areas in building structures,

Custom Cabinet Builder, Furniture Builder,

Hands-on Experience as Roofer, Electrician, Plumber.


Greg Mercer is a trusted certified home inspector with over 35 years of experience in the building industry!  He has dedicated most of his life to one profession... learning the building industry trade as a home builder and performing home inspections.  He has experience in building, remodeling, repairing and restoring homes from ground up.  He is a qualified builder with hands-on experience, which means that he understands the difference between minor vs. major defects in building structures.


Greg Mercer started his first business in Coos County, Oregon under the name of Mercer Construction & Wood Products (including custom cabinets).  After 26 years in Oregon, he moved near Nashville, Tennessee and continued his business, adding - Remodeling, Repairing and Designing Homes.  

In 2007, he started his new business as a home inspector.  This was the exact type of business that gave him an opportunity to utilize his skills learned in the building trade!  

Next... he moved back to Oregon, his roots!  His desire is to continue his home inspection business and serve the community, by giving quality inspections that are backed by a life-time of experience and knowledge in building homes!


WHY?  Because our inspector has the Experience of building homes, and understands minor vs major problems in building structures.

Not all home inspectors are the same, because they each have different levels of experience and have different background knowledge in understanding building structures.  Not all home builders are the same, they may have partial building experience and contract duties to others.  But our inspector  actually has hands-on experience in building from ground up.  

The knowledge of detecting problems is very important, because it could lead to information that could hinder the sale or purchase of the home.  Our inspector is qualified in determining the severity of problems, and he has dedicated most of his life to the same profession, which is building and inspecting homes! 

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Our inspector is ready to serve you in:  Douglas County, Coos County & Lane County, plus surrounding areas.

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